The Batie Family

Howard (CGHCCA) was kind enough to send me the electronic version of the Batie Family History, 2nd Ed. last year, and I did an initial automatic conversion to HTML. It still needs some cleanup, but it is still interesting reading. The family tree itself has been removed due to privacy concerns

Any Batie family member is welcome to have a web page and/or emailbox here; I run a small ISP (Internet Service Provider) business on the side, and I find the family history stuff interesting enough that this is my contribution to the cause. Send me mail ( and I'll tell you what you need to do (eventually that'll be here too). If you already have a web page elsewhere, feel free to send me the URL and I'll add it to a list here too. Be sure to include the ABCD code so we don't get confused over who's who, as there's almost certainly going to be name duplications...

(September 29, 2003) As Howard is no longer actively managing the Batie Family History, and I've not got the time to do it justice, I've put up a web log as a place to gather information until someone can do something more with it...

Alan Batie (CGCDCHA)
June 12, 1999

The Batie Family History

The online version of the 2nd Edition, published by Howard Batie. It's not yet fully translated.

Test page

A test page from the "Origin of Surnames" chapter.

Border Reivers